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Genus File Explorer for IBM FileNet

Simplify document management and enhance user experience with GFEX.

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Enable enterprise content management capabilities with zero business disruption thanks to seamless Windows user experiences from Genus File Explorer for IBM FileNet.

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About Genus Technologies

Genus is an IBM Gold Business Partner, a systems integrator, and a solutions provider specializing in the capture, management, integration, and delivery of enterprise content. Genus helps customers solve complex digital transformation challenges and implement content services solutions.

Genus Technologies listens to your needs and collaborates with your teams to accelerate business processes, optimize workforce performance, drive competitive advantage, and eliminate risk. GenusTechnologies.com


Genus File Explorer for IBM FileNet (GFEX) is the only Microsoft File Explorer-based solution that provides an easy-to-use complementary user interface to IBM Content Navigator so your users can select the user interface that is easiest for them.

GFEX allows FileNet to appear like any other logical drive in Microsoft Windows applications so opening, moving, saving, copying, or creating FileNet objects (including documents and folders) requires no training.

With GFEX, files may be opened in their native format, such as Microsoft Office or Adobe. GFEX streamlines the way that people work so organizations can save time and money.


> Give users a choice of the Content Navigator viewer or the Genus File Explorer for FileNet to promote widespread user adoption while managing records for compliance or corporate requirements.

> Deliver a familiar interface for FileNet and IBM Enterprise Records (IER) repositories so they appear like any other Microsoft Windows resource to ensure adoption of one centralized repository.

> Align FileNet record and document tasks with familiar Windows file actions.

> Make it easy for anyone in the organization (with access rights) to access information from FileNet.

> Sharing a document in FileNet with GFEX is simplified and eliminates the risk of duplicates.

> View documents in their native format (Adobe, MS Office, Email, etc.), make edits, and save back into FileNet.

> Reduce the number of applications supported within the organization by utilizing native viewers.

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GFEX makes managing content inside of a FileNet enterprise content management system as simple as using a file folder. The following key features and capabilities can simplify the training and work needed by both the users and your IT staff.

Key Features and Capabilities Include:

> Use the same interface for on-premise FileNet or when FileNet is cloud-enabled with IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

> Check in, check out, versioning, and drag and drop.

> Both metadata and content-based searches are supported

> Save files directly into IBM FileNet from any application

> Open, edit, and save files in their native format

> Get offline file access

> View version history and open an earlier version

>  Supports compound documents and linked files

> Support for IBM Content Navigator Teamspaces

> Support for IBM Enterprise Records

> Single sign-on

> DocuSign integration

> And more!


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GFEX consists of two parts including a desktop component that plugs into the Windows file processing routines and a server component that manages configurations, security, and other operational aspects.

GFEX is compatible with IBM FileNet version or later and IBM Content Navigator version 2.0.3 or later.

Genus delivers the GFEX desktop component in standard Windows Installer form (MSI). Administrators may individually install it or distribute using an enterprise IT Service Management (ITSM) system.

GFEX can access multiple FileNet Object Stores or can refer to different folders in the same Object Store.

Security from IBM FileNet or IBM Enterprise Records is supported.


For more information, reach out to sales@genustechnologies.com.


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