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Genus ActiveStore for Insurance

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Modernize Insurance Processes with ActiveStore by Genus

ActiveStore, a multimedia-specific SaaS repository, transforms the insurance industry by seamlessly integrating with existing claim management and policy systems. This powerful tool effortlessly incorporates multimedia objects like videos, audio, and high-resolution photos into daily operations, enhancing the way insurance professionals handle claims and policies.

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Insurance Mulitmedia Made Easy

ActiveStore is a multimedia-specific Software as a Service (SAAS) repository built to serve the needs of the insurance industry. With relatively simple integrations to existing claim management, policy management, investigations, and content services systems, ActiveStore enables the inclusion of multimedia objects like video, audio, and high-resolution photography into the normal course of the insurance business.

Typical enterprise content management systems do not contain all the features required to manage rich content like multimedia. A single video or rich content item may relate to dozens of underlying digital components that may require different handling or may have different lifecycle requirements. ActiveStore manages every aspect of rich media ensuring prompt, on-demand delivery and proper disposition at the proper times.

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Why ActiveStore?

> Easily integrates into current systems of record, workflows, and:
     • Enables easy-to-use multimedia (primarily video) consumption.
     • Integrates with existing systems of record such as IBM ECM.

> Enables active lifecycle governance and storage management for large multimedia objects.

> Simple interfaces for securely sharing content and multimedia.

> Consumption-ready assets where and when they are needed.

> Broad support for proprietary, complex, and rare content formats including CCTV.

> Normalizes multiple videos, audio, and images.


Enables Success for Insurance Professionals

ActiveStore relieves claim examiners, adjusters, policy technicians, and underwriters from the non-productive activities associated with viewing or otherwise consuming multimedia content in ways that are difficult and are out of context of their day-to-day work. Ultimately staff frees up to conduct the real work of writing policies and settling claims.

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A Comprehensive Repository with Powerful Viewing Capabilities

Features include:

> Support for an unlimited number of different object versions.

> Continuous tracking of object lifecycles.

> Distribution management to other repositories and networks like YouTube, content delivery networks, and enterprise streaming. infrastructures)

> A rich set of APIs.

> Audio transcriptions, video comments, and video tagging that are tracked on the timeline.

> On-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment options.

> Integrated full-text search.

ActiveStore's viewer delivers a consistent experience for working with all video and audio content to the entire enterprise.

Features of the viewer include:

> Time-based commenting for videos.

> Comment or tag location marks on the timeline.

> Full-text search with result location marks on the timeline.

> File trimming.

Video and audio content streams directly from the repository to the viewer. Video and audio content playback begins as soon as an item is selected. There is no need to wait for the entire file to download.


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